What Kind Of Business Should I Run From Home?

There are many businesses you can run from home. But given all the available information you should only consider a business which has all of the following characteristics:

 1. Unlimited income potential

 You can grow this business as big as you want – for example, from £90,000 in a first year to £400,000 within a couple of years to millions later.  It is not too demanding and complicated.

 2. It can bring you money within a short time, for example within two weeks

 You need a business which allows you to get some customers right away, get some cash flowing and grow from there. A service is generally a lot less expensive to launch than a product, especially if it is something you already know how to do or can learn quickly. Gardening, cleaning and selling comes to mind as well as cutting hair, walking dogs, chatting with old people, growing vegetables or painting houses.

 3. You can start on a shoestring budget, no massive overheads

 There are many businesses run from home you can start for well under £200, for example a domestic cleaning agency.

 4. No experience required

 You can learn from other people’s mistakes by reading books and manuals available out there.

 5. You can be your own boss

 It’s absolutely my favourite reason for starting my own business. Nothing quite compares to the pride and excitement of calling the shots and being in charge of your own destiny.

 6. You can set your own hours

 It is great to take days off when you want and as often as you can get away with. You can work part time or full time or start part time and when you make enough money to quit your job. You find that you work smarter instead of harder because you are able to tap into your natural sense of responsibility.

 7. You can choose who you work with

 If you discover you don’t exactly click with a client, you can replace them quickly. You can run your business by yourself or with a partner or delegate some duties to a helper.


Why Should I Start My Own Business Now?

In tough economic times, which we are experiencing now, many people lose their jobs or become redundant. Why not take advantage of this situation and start your own business. May be you’ve already secretly dreamed about it while working for your boss. Now is your chance. You can take it.

 If you like a feeling of intense engagement, and of passionate drive. Where your senses are sharp, your mind is alert and your imagination is running wild. Where you are learning a lot week in, week out. The best way I know of achieving that – legally and long term – is by starting a business. And getting rich.  

 The specific venture you choose can arise out of your own situation: where you are, what you can see, what you know, who you know, what you can do, what you like doing and, most importantly, who you are.

 Yes, but am I cut out for this, you ask? Good question. I don’t think everybody can do it. Just as I don’t think everybody can handle a job that involves rare skills and a lot of pressure.  Some people take a lot longer than others to grow up. Some people never do. And some people just like the feeling of safety that comes with employment and that’s the way they want to keep it. There is nothing wrong with that.

 But what I am trying to say is that there is nothing mysterious or particularly difficult about starting a successful business. I believe that many more people can do it than actually do. 50 or 60 per cent of them could make it without too much trouble. May be not become millionaires right away, but certainly successful and independent in a business of their own.

 Starting your own business is hard work (easy hard work). In a tough economy, it can be even harder. But there are unique benefits and opportunities to starting a business in a tough economy. If you do your homework, think strategically and take advantage of every opportunity to minimize costs while maximizing the value you add for your customers, you can build a foundation for long-lasting business success.

 Start small…with an eye to expand. Manage your expectations and your expenses by starting as small as possible, with an eye to expand when your business takes off. Review your business plan and reconsider what you need to start.

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Why is financial self-sufficiency such a big deal?

missing pieceWhy is financial self-sufficiency such a big deal?

(and by the way, by ‘financial self-sufficiency’ I mean at least 6 figures a year, not scrimping and saving)..

Take the time to read the following…..

As employees we effectively ’sell’ our irreplaceable time – our ‘life hours’ to an employer.

In return they give us the lowest possible amount they can get away with.

This of course isn’t the employers fault – it’s ours, for not finding a different way to live.

If you’ve ever missed your child’s school sports day because you weren’t allowed time off work, or fancied a day in bed with your partner but had to drag yourself off to your 9-5 then try to remember the feeling you had when you put your job before your life.

Chances are it just felt ‘wrong’

Having a job isn’t your fault of course – we all need money to live (I’ll come back to that point later) but the ‘work ethic’ that most Western countries have hasn’t always been there.

In fact in my opinion it’s only about 600 years old, and came from the time of Calvinist-type religious teachings.

Put simply this is when some bright spark decided that laziness was somehow ’wrong’. And he decided it for all of us, not just himself. Kinda Bugs eh?

Now you might think – ‘well that’s right it IS wrong to be lazy’.

But think about this?

Where did the idea of a 37.5 hour work week actually come from? Why five days working and two off at the weekend?

Why not the other way around?

And what’s WRONG with spending an afternoon in a hammock on a sunny day sipping lemonade (or beer) and reading a good book?

In my mind, that’s EXACTLY how life should be lived. It doesn’t hurt anybody and it doesn’t half make you feel good!

It’s natural. It feels good.

Now on the other hand think about your job.

You have to arrive at a given time and for the last hour of the day you’re looking at your watch waiting for ‘home time’.

You have to book your holidays and vacations weeks in advance and if you get them in too late, you’re often told ‘NO’ you can’t have YOUR free time when you want it.

In short you have to OK your life with your employer.

In fact if you work in certain work environments, perhaps in a shop or a factory you often have to ASK to take a pee.

Not what I’d call YOUR life.

Which is why I said you sell your LIFE to your employer. You hand control over to him five days, perhaps six, out of seven.

If you think you have freedom then try going to work dressed in a ripped t-shirt and with bare feet.

Or even better phone your boss halfway through the morning and tell him you’ve decided (it’s YOUR life remember) to take the day off but you’ll probably be in tomorrow.


How quickly would you be in his office getting a roasting? Or worse?

And then there’s the issue of money.

Your boss decides how much you’re worth, not you, which is of course as little as he can get away with paying you.

And doesn’t it always seem as though that amount is JUST enough to keep the wolves from the door but never enough to save the amount you’d need to take a year off to travel toPeru?


Maybe, but what would happen if half the population worked for six months then took the next six months off with the money they’d saved?

Then there’s job security…

Do you think your boss would lose much sleep if he had to ‘let you go’ (makes it sound as if you have a choice in the matter)?

Nope – he’d let you go without a second thought if keeping you on meant he had to keep the same car for two years instead of just one.

And going back to this 37.5 hour work week.

Doesn’t it seem like it leaves YOU with just enough time to do the washing, clean the house, pay the bills, do the shopping and maybe grab some Chinese food with your family?

Then it’s back to work.

If I were a conspiracy theorist I might argue that working so many hours in a week keeps us broke and too busy to think about alternatives.

But guess what?

There ARE alternatives.

Do you know what happens when you quit your job?

Sure the money stops coming in, but that’s the ONLY downside, and it’s not too hard to generate an income that greatly outweighs your old wage packet (sign up for my mailing list on the right and I’ll show you how, for FREE)

No – OTHER things start to happen too.

With time on your hands your creativity starts to blossom.

You find that you can sit and THINK for the first time..probably since you were a teenager.

And ideas come into your head – creative ideas, BUSINESS ideas, and gues what?

They won’t go away. The only thing that gets rid of them is another job!

Sure this doesn’t happen immediately or if you lose your job or are made redundant, because all your time is spent worrying about where you NEXT pay packet is coming from.

But imagine if you could generate an income, online while you still had your 9-5.

You would feel empowered. You wouldn’t be terrified of getting the sack, and ultimately you could give up working for an employer forever.

All you need to do is to think about what you want from life (and I don’t mean money – that’s not a goal) and then start making plans to go and get it.

Most people fixate on making money rather than the lifestyle they want.

I work the other way round.

I realised long ago that I wanted time with my family, to live somewhere nice and to be able to do what I want…sailing, planting potatoes, taking long holidays and watching my kids grow up.

I work three days a week – tops., from my home office.

Once I learned how to keep my ideal lifstyle – my HIPPY lifestyle – in the front of my mind, my six figure income soon arrived.

It’s not magic – it’s not about some kind of weird ‘goal setting’ or ‘get rich quick scheme’

It’s about using the internet to make your living. It’s about developing a genuine, helpful business FAST.

And the six figure income?

Well it might seem like a lot if you’re in a job at the moment, but it’s not.

It’s an average income if you’re an internet marketer, as I am.

It’s just that your wages that are kept artificially low.

Why don’t you grab a FREE copy of my ‘Affordable Mentoring Newsletter’ and see if making money online floats your boat?

No strings. You can get a copy by CLICKING HERE

Welcome to the most exciting journey of your life….

Post by guest Tony Shepherd.


8 Common Mistakes Many Start-Ups Make

Over 5,000,000 new businesses are started each year, but millions will fail, and most new businesses fail for the same sets of reasons. Here are 8 common mistakes why start-ups fail. Please avoid them.

1. Choosing a bad business opportunity

2. Choosing the wrong customers

3. Trying to sell the wrong product

4. Selling for the wrong price

5. Overestimating the number of and the speed of the customer purchases

6. Mismanaging the business

7. Failing to hire and retain the right people

8. Being unable to grow or scale the business to accommodate growth.

Basically, there are two ways to increase your chances to entrepreneurial success. One – learn the business – work in and learn a business before starting a similar business. Learn about the suppliers, the customers, how to operate the business for some years and then go and start a similar business. Examples: Starbucks, EDS, Wal-Mart and Intel. Two – start your part-time business – keep your day job and begin your business at nights and on the week-ends and build it up before quitting your day job. Examples: Ford Motor Company.

Remember three business rules:
#1. Follow the money – cash is king.
#2. The sole purpose of business is to serve customers.
#3. Customers know best what they need.


Welcome to Anna-Ajina’s Blog

This is the first entry into Anna-Ajina’s Blog. The purpose of this blog is to record the growth and changes to my “internet business”.

My name is Anna Ajina, and it all started when my children were young and I couldn’t find any work around school hours. I decided that I had to be my own boss and make money myself. To cut a long story short because I could speak another language fluently I became a freelance interpreter. I started one or two other businesses which brought me some money. But I always had this thing about making money from home, just using a computer. It really appealed to me – low overheads and startup costs. You did not have to go anywhere, be accountable to any boss or be responsible for any employees. I researched the subject and found lots of people making money just in this way.

How do you make money on the internet?
To make any money you have to sell something.cheap cialis You can sell physical products or digital products which when you pay on line you can download through a supplied link. For some reason the digital products always fascinated me more. By digital product I mean e-books, software, videos etc. You can create your own products or be an affiliate and sell other people’s products. Most people start as affiliates because it is an easier option. You don’t have to spend time and money creating your own product. There is no doubt that having your own product can be very profitable, especially if you are making money from backend products, but it is also very possible to make a good income as an affiliate.

To make a good income as an affiliate you will need to do some research. You will need to find out which products convert well and what the best ways of promoting them are. It also helps to find a good information book to learn everything about it or join an internet course on the subject or find a good coach or mentor.

So… I took the plunge and enrolled on Alex Jeffreys’ Coaching Programme!
Alex and his team promised to make me a success in Internet marketing by being fully committed to working with me. So far, so good and I am learning a lot. There is a Members’ Forum where all the teachers and students can exchange information, ask questions, get help and generally converse with each other. It is all very exciting.

If you are interested and would like to know more about making extra income on the Internet you can read about my progress here on my blog, make any comments or ask questions.

Until next time……


What Results Can You Expect With the My Millionaire Mentor Program?

What Results Can You Expect With the My Millionaire Mentor Program?

Michael Cheney has just released his new program called “My Millionaire Mentor 2011″. In case you are new to Internet Marketing and don’t have a clue who Michael Cheney is, Michael is one of the top Internet Marketers in the world and has made over $5 Million Dollars online in just a few short years.

Michael has studied under some of the biggest names in Internet Marketing and has learned some of their best money making secrets to reach his success so quickly. Guys like Mike Filsaime and Jeff Walker just to name a few.

Michael says a big reason for his success is because he had mentors like Mike and Jeff. Having a mentor is very important because a mentor has been through it all before and knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. Your mentor will use their experience to guide you in the right direction so you won’t make the same mistakes that they have made and you will get to the profits much quicker.

And that’s exactly what you get with Michael Cheney’s “My Millionaire Mentor 2011″. This program offers up Michael’s valuable Internet Marketing knowledge and experience so that you can get right to it and do the things that have been proven to make money online.

To be more specific, here is just a small taste of what you will get:

Cash Catchers

These “Cash Catchers” are techniques that Michael personally used to make his $5,000,000+ online. Some of the topics covered in these Cash Catchers are how to build your list and cash in on it, how to make big profits with affiliate marketing, how to get swarms of traffic to your site… and much more!

Personal Mentoring Videos

Don’t worry about ever lacking motivation to do certain tasks again. Michael provides a bunch of personal mentoring videos where he uncovers tips that will keep you motivated, that will teach you how to prevent procrastination and show you how to deal with overwhelm.

Expert Advice

Not only will you get all the top notch information that has made Michael millions over the years but you also get access to Michael’s full time staff of Internet Marketing experts in case you get stuck on any of the information.

Wow – that sure is a lot of amazing stuff that you get with My Millionaire Mentor! You get everything that you need to build yourself a successful online business. You get the exact same techniques that Michael used to make himself Millions of dollars online and you also get all those personal mentoring videos that are filled with tips to keep you motivated and taking action on what you learn in the program. This is great stuff because what good is proven money making material if you don’t take action on it?

And if that wasn’t enough, if you do get stuck on any of the information and you need a little guidance… you have Michael’s team of experts to call on.

So if you are just starting out in Internet Marketing or if you have been around for a bit but are struggling to make a buck… you need to get on over and check out My Millionaire Mentor 2011 right now and get yourself a “mentor” to show you the way to riches!


The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Seminar

This 4 day seminar took place last week in London and it was packed. It was organised by the well known marketer Mark Anastasi, who invited many famous and less famous but successful speakers who shared with the audience their proven methods for making money online.

Let me just mention Mili Ponce and Paul O’Mahony, Georgina Lany, Armand Morin, Suraj Sodha, Shaqir Hussyin, Steven Essa, Paul Lynch & Mr FBX, Ben Hulme, Jani G, Kevin Taylor, Daniel Priestly, Kavit Haria, Sam Bakker, Glen Kirkham and others.

The audience discovered how you can turn Facebook contacts into $100,000+ a year

  • How an 18-year old student is making $45,000 a month thanks to Facebook apps
  • How Mr FBX built a 60,000-person list in 2 days
  • How Mr T. makes $36,000+ per month on AUTOPILOT thanks to Facebook
  • How Georgina Lany makes $8,000 a month on Autopilot
  • How Sam Bakker makes $30,000 a month with Facebook Management For Local Business
  • The Facebook ‘Builder Strategy’
  • The Facebook ‘Flipping Strategy’
  • How a 25-yeard old musician makes $3,000 a week thanks to Facebook.
  • How to get an Avalanche of Free Traffic thanks to Facebook
  • The future of Facebook mobile marketing and how you can profit from it!

…. And much, much more!

Everybody enjoyed themselves a lot and took masses of notes.

This event was the most cutting edge and revealing ever as the speakers shared the absolute latest in Facebook Marketing strategies… strategies that REALLY work for ordinary people. Giving the audience the most up to date unbelievably underground strategies to show you can explode your income and get off to the most amazing start for 2011.

Uncovering the exact methods the world’s TOP Facebook Marketers are using everyday to quietly siphon off huge profits from the internet… ALL thanks for Facebook!


Start With the Small Steps

If you start something with the hardest task, you will quickly wear yourself out. You need to start with things you know you can do with a minimum of effort. Working this way means that you don’t fall at the first hurdle, and that will give you more confidence. Work on today and leave tomorrow until the time comes.

 From the beginning surround yourself with positive people. You want to feel good about the project. Decide what the basics are, get them right and then you can build on them.

 Paying attention to the small details is something that some organisations forget at their peril. On the other hand, it doesn’t pay to get carried away with the small things when they don’t matter. Put perfection to one side and just think about improving bit by bit.


Don’t Wait for the Right Time to Start

There is often no right time to start something but you need to start anyway. Of course you have to think about having the right skills and sometimes the right people to go with, but you know that if you wait too long, you might never start at all.

It is very rare that the people, money, skills and emotions come together exactly when you want them. Sometimes you just have to go with what you have. As long as you are aware there are good and bad sides to everything, it is not wrong to jump into something. Just be prepared. Life is about learning to adapt as you progress and things don’t have to be perfect for you to succeed. Of course you can work at making it better and you learn a lot as you go along. And you have to trust your own judgment because that is all you have.

Starting something new is not easy. It requires you to stretch and step outside your place of comfort. The fact is that all success lies out of your comfort zone. When you reach a point where you are more and more unhappy with your life, you have to get out of your comfort zone. There is a saying that ‘If you keep doing what you have always done then you will keep getting what you have always got.’

So, if you want to change something in your life, you have no choice but to move out of your comfort zone. It can be very difficult to make a change in your life, especially if you have little money. You might not have all the choices in the world, but you still have some. And it’s all right to feel scared, as long as that doesn’t stop you acting. So, go ahead and do it!


Fight For Your Dreams Every Day

You have hopes, you have dreams and you have plans. And then somebody comes and says to you ‘Well, how do you know it’s going to work?’ And because everything you do, every step you take, you believe it is worth doing you have to fight for your hopes and give it a try. If you don’t try it, you will never know.

Just because you want to do something, doesn’t mean the rest of the world shares your enthusiasm. Seeking approval from other people might seem like a positive thing to do. But it is not. People, even those close to you will say it’s only a dream, a waste of time and you should not go ahead with it. So then you start thinking that maybe it is not such a good idea after all. And that is the problem with seeking approval. When you have solid foundations and you base your dream on something that you are able to do in practical terms, don’t wait and don’t let anyone to stop you. Live in the real world – be practical about what you can do.

Please remember your hope and optimism has to have real foundations. You have a clear direction, you are organised and prepared. So your optimism is about looking out at the world and being upbeat about what could be done. Most of all, optimism and hope is something you have to fight for every day. And some days it won’t come easily, which is fine. But never, ever give up!